Blue coat sg900 manual lagg

The Blue Coat Proxy Secure Gateway SG900 filters malware, performs sandboxing, and manages traffic bandwidth onsite, in the Cloud or in remote environments. Blue Coat ProxySG SG600, SG900, SG9000 running SGOS v6. 5 (hereafter referred to as Blue Coat ProxySG), from Blue Coat Systems, Inc.is the Target of Evaluation. The results Blue Coat recommends attaching one of the software license stickers to the chassis and saving the other one for future reference.

You can attach it to this document and file it, or attach it to another document as required in your enterprise. Blue Coat SG510 Quick Start Guide View full Blue Coat ProxySG 900 Series SG Proxy Edition specs on CNET. The Blue Coat ProxySG SG600, SG900, and SG9000 running SGOS v6. 5 appliances (ProxySG) is a proprietary OS and hardware appliance that together serve as an Internet proxy.

The purpose of the BlueCoat SG900 The Blue Coat ProxySG900 Full Proxy Edition appliances are the foundation of an Application Delivery Network (ADN) that provides complete application visibility, acceleration and Blue Coat's secure Web gateway (SWG), the ProxySG, is among the leading products in the SWG marketplace.

Like its competitors, Blue Coat ProxySG is equipped with user authentication, Web filtering, data loss prevention and inspection. Blue Coat provides a layered defense against web 2. 0 threats leveraging WebPulse cloud intelligence from over 75M users to protect the web gateway and remote users.

ProxySG provides unmatched policy flexibility, performance and reliability to secure networks and accelerate content. The Quick Start Guide details the basic steps to install, configure, and connect the ProxySG 600 appliances to your network.

Download Files View full Blue Coat ProxySG 900 Series SG specs on CNET. other means without the written consent of Blue Coat Systems, Inc. All right, title and interest in and to the Software and do cumentation are and shall remain the exclusive property of Blue Coat Systems, Inc.

and its licensors. Blue Coat Reporter delivers centralized visibility into all user and web traffic across the organization and can scale to support up to 10 billion log lines or approximately 150, 000 users for up to 60 days.