Gecado model 35 manual

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Diana Model 35 manual. The was handed down to me from an older family member but he has no idea where the manual is. The gun shoots very nicely. More power than my Gecado 27. Thanx for any help. I probably have a 35 manual in my attic in the original May 15, 2009 View this discussion about I acquired an old Gecado Model 11. 25 pistol. It isa listed in Gecado model 35 manual the Numrich Gun Parts Forum.

Nov 20, 2012  Re: Gecado Model 35 what Scrubba said. about 20years ago I made a jig on my work bench with a long bolt pushing a After 25 years I took my Gecado Model 35 (made in Germany) out of the cupboard only to find that rust had already started. It is a lovely gun and I would like to take it apart, clean and oil it, but dont really know how to do it. After WWII Gecado became Dianawerk. My Catalogue list Gecado model 35 manual Diana Model 35 as being made from 1953 to 1987 under several different Variation's.

Without more detailed information it is hard to identify the exact year for you. Apr 05, 2017  Good day everyone. I'm busy restoring a Gecado 35. It is a 1970 model according to the stamping on the tube. Front and rear original sights are present!

Whooohooo! ! Mechanically everything is ALMOST there, but the action is very dry and all the lube is chalked up. One of the ballbearings on the trigger group is missing, but Dec 22, 2013  Its a very old rusty rifle that I need to repair after 23 years.

The rifle is of. 177 cal and 11 foot pounds. I am going to use it for target shooting. Can it shoot accurately at a 100 meters? Please note that the rifle has a broken butt stock and ironsights.

So any advice on a backup sight and a good scope for that sort of range will be May 16, 2011 Safe to Shoot an old Gecado Pistol? We had a great time, and when we stopped back at his house he remembered that he had found an old Gecado (Stamped" GECADO" in a diamond followed by" MOD.

11 KAL. 6. 35 (. 25) MADE IN GERMANY" pistol when he was cleaning out my great aunts house after she died. Mar 03, 2013 This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Diana, Original, Gecado& Geco parts. PROTEK SUPPLIES.

D65 Spring set consisting of 1 long spring and 2 shorter springs, for OriginalDiana model 6 pistol. 33 00. D85 For Original 35 and 50, replace the leather seal, use existing screw and put on a D61 synthetic piston seal.

Nov 10, 2013" Gecado" was not a separate company. It was a defunct prewar German trademark, purchased by Mayer& Grammelspacher (the parent company that has made" Diana" airguns since the 1890's), and used on their postwar airguns in some markets.

Feb 15, 2012  Manual; repair of Diana double piston systems The only manual from the factory, for Diana 75, is in German and is not very accurate or detailed. Tirol model, lefthanded, or something else which is a fact. Condition is not in, since this is very subjective. This means that the average price should be for a gun in" normal" Oct 27, 2009 Part 1: The strip ORIGINAL DIANA MODEL 50 Strip and rebuild Much also applies to the Model 35 break barrel These notes are designed to help you strip and rebuild the Original Model 50 underlever rifle that has the feared ball bearing trigger.