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Garra rufa is a benthoplagic, nonmigratory freshwater fish indigenous to the Middle East. Most commonly referred to as Doctor Fish, as they can feed on dead skin and hence have been used for the treatment of psoriasis and by the spa industry for pedicures (e.

g.zcelik et Fish Spa Solutions help you to offer one of the most ancient health and beauty treatments in the world, the garra rufa fish pedicure. This timetested, old world beauty treatment is now being used throughout the UK in a very modern way and with great success. Let your clients soak in the temperate waters of our state of the art spa, whilst our genuine doctor fish painlessly erase the Bringing an exotic, luxurious, and fun spa experience to Cincinnati.

Let our pet Garra Rufa fish pamper you with their kisses, and leave your feet feeling great. Perfect for ladies day out, date night, or book your group for a special occasion.

Kids Garra Spas offers a unique fish experience you won't find anywhere else! Apr 27, 2011 Have you heard of fish foot spas where Garra Rufa fish remove the dead skin from your feet? Is it safe to allow these fish to nibble your dry skin away? Eastern cultures and their affinity for natural solutions to health and beauty were a natural fit for garra rufa pedicure.

Spas offering this service continue to grow in popularity throughout Asia and Europe. Do the garra rufa fish bite and does it hurt? Not at all, garra rufa fish have no teeth so the experience is completely pain free. Garra Spas, located at Town Center at Cobb: Let our Garra Rufa fish kiss the surface of your feet with a micro massage sensation that helps to exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin cells, and improve blood circulation throughout the whole body.

What's great about them is that unlike most suppliers they offer health certifications and informative manual and brochures. Where to buy Garra Rufa or Doctor Fish and other information. pet garra rufa, garra rufa ina quarium, garra rufa fish spa, doctor fish buy, where to buy doctor fish, fish pedicure, spa fish, garra rufa global What is a fish pedicure?

A fish pedicure, also known as a fish spa, involves patrons dipping their feet in a tub of water filled with small fish called Garra rufa. Garra rufa are sometimes referred to as doctor fish because they eat away dead skin found on peoples feet, leaving newer skin exposed.

Garra rufa are native to the Middle East, where they have been used as a medical Fish spa instruction. With every delivery and installation of a fish spa, Garra Rufa Europe provides an extensive manual containing all the information that is required to start and maintain a safe and healthy fish spa.

On a recent trip to Greece, Dr. Joseph Stern saw a spa offering fish pedicures. While soaking your feet in a tub filled with doctor fish that nibble off dead skin is quite common in places lke Greece, the Middle East and China, here in North America the practice has been banned in several provinces Having small fish called Garra rufa Used in spas for pedicures (Garra Rufa Fish 2012, Jarvis 2011, Coad 2010) Florida banned the use of Garra rufa in spas.

Unofficial name is Doctor Fish. This name is used for several species. Health concerns have been raised, but mostly associated with the