Prolite pl m2014r manual

The PLM2014R is an Electronic Moving Message Sign by ProLite. The sign comes with an RS232 computer port allowing your computer to control the sign in addition to the infrared remote control. MultiColor LED Module Users guide Read online or download PDF ProLite PLXPSB4014 (shown) User Manual Home Industrologic, Inc. (636) Products Page ProLite PLM2014RV6 Electronic Message Display Packages 24 inch wide by 2 inch tall display area, 80 by 7 LED's Industrologic offers the ProLite PLM2014RV6 Electronic Message Display Display only as a part of packages that include Industrologic products.

We have found plm2014, plm2014r, plm2010r, plm1010 IR Remote& Accessories Complete Kit for Programmable Scrolling Message Sign (Version 6 ONLY) Part number: PKKBPLMV6. 0 Remarks on the ProLite Software However, the manual does contain spelling mistakes and Prolite pl m2014r manual a little bumpy in layout. Good Points On the whole, the software works as advertised and provides access to most of the sign's feature set.

The software is very easy to configure to use the sign. Supported models: PLM2014RV5, PLM2014, PLM2014R, PLM2010R, PLM1010 (i. e. Vista, 7, 8, or greater). This sign model is obsolete and there will be no future software updates. How do I know if I have 32bit or 64bit? About. Established in 1981, California based ProLite produces and delivers quality, innovative products to millions ProLite PLM2014R Multi Color LED sign I recently purchased two ProLite LED signs on Ebay.

They were easy to fix, I just needed to replace the capacitors in the power supply. The old ones were 4700 at 16 volts, all I had was 2200 at 25 volts so I used them and they worked fine. They are the blue caps on the left in this picture. ProLite M2014R Programmable Color LED Moving Message Display Sign