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MINIMATECServo Screwdriver Spindles Maximum Flexibility and Process Control Straight Spindle Form Torque range from 0.

2 Nm 50 Nm The DEPRAG screwdrivers based on EC technology enable a torque accuracy of 1 standard deviation, which can be relied for manual work stations and screwdriving stations can be carried out DePrAG ec ScreWDrIVer flexible for the highest standards The DEPRAG sequence controller AST5 is the ideal controller for manual screw assemblies in combination with the tried and tested DEPRAG EC screwdrivers of the MINIMATEC (size 22) series within a Screwdriving Technology, automatic feeding, screwdriving, measuring, documentation or the analytical processing of connection elements.

Automatic Screwdrivers Our products are constantly undergoing improvement design changes. The information displayed is not necessarily the latest and current design and information. Please refer to subsequent documentation as it pertains to your specific application or feel free to contact our sales staff for updates.

DEPRAG STATIONARY SCREWDRIVERS. STATIONARY SCREWDRIVERS WITH ELECTRONIC DRIVE fulfills the highest demands for the industrial assembly process. DEPRAG screwdriver spindles are extremely small and are simple to integrate and offer a high degree of flexibility by being freely programmable process reliable through comprehensive analytics. DEPRAG offers the smallest stationary screwdriver on the market. DEPRAG stationary screwdrivers are designed for the use in the industrial assembly process.

They excel through an especially low integration effort and that at an extreme small footprint. The QC Screwdriver of the MINIMATseries is a pneumatic tool with control functions for a 100 process quality of assemblies. In ad dition, the manual QC Screwdriver is able product variants, we would recommend a hand guided screwdriver for manual assembly.

The manual screwdriver can be upgraded as production volumes increase, for example, with DEPRAG Screwdrivers are designed for high duty cycle industrial application and have a high service life.

This applies equally to both electronic and pneumatic drive types. Screwdriver The DEPRAG Screwfeeder can be connected to almost all DEPRAG pneumatic and the new electrical manual Screwdrivers.

these are our ERGOMATZ auto stroke screwdriver these are handheld screwdrivers of the MICROMATMINIMAT design in Zversion setup components for your manual workstation ergonomic, processreliable guidance of screwdriving tools by sturdy screwdriver stands insertion tools of all kinds, such as bits and sockets Find great deals on eBay for Deprag Screwdriver.

Shop with confidence. Please visit the DEPRAG web sites at www. depragusa. com and www. deprag. com" HandGuided" ECScrewdriver System with feeding The equipment featured in Screwdriving technology Automation Air motors Air tools Preventive maintenance and repair of airoperated tools By selecting a DEPRAG product, you have acquired a tool, which was developed and manufactured for use in a heavy industrial environment.

Inserting Tools Type of Screw find on for NANOMAT and MICROMAT Screwdrivers bits, finders slotted screws Page 3 bits, finders, bit holders PHILLIPS and POZIDRIV screws Page 4 bits, bit holders allen screws, torx screws and sockets with shaft hex.

screws and hex. With this series of torque wrenches, stationary screwdriverspindles can be tested without being removed from the assembly station. These wrenches can be clamped into a vice temporarily, due to the flat surfaces on the side of the heads.