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Many RPG IV programmers don't use it yetperhaps because they don't know Lookup in rpg 400 manual it works. The array builtin function is done with one of five possible builtins (lookup, etc. ), and they are different from those used for table lookups (tlookup, etc. ). The return value for the array lookup builtins is numeric. Rational Development Studio for i ILE RPG Language Reference 7. 1 SC IBM IBM i DEVELOPER RPG Look Before You Lookup. December 2002 by Jon Paris, Susan Gantner.

Print. Among the great new features in the V5R1 release of RPG IV are Lookup and friends. At first glance, you might view these new builtin functions (BIFs) as simple replacements for the LOOKUP opcode.

If you think these BIFs merely perform RPG400 Help Array Operations. The basic array operations are: LOKUP(Look Up) MOVE A(Move an Array) SORTA(Sort an Array) XFOOT(Summing the Elements of an Array) Lookup: It is used to look for an element in the array. Sorta: It is used to sort the array element Xfoot: It is used to sumup the array element. At a recent conference, we were approached by an RPG IV user who had experienced a problem with the new Lookup BIF.

His program ran in two phases. to the documentation in the RPG IV reference manuals). Indicators Begone! The Lookup and Tlookup functions replace the Lookup operation code and perform array and table lookup functions without resulting indicators.

THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO FREEFORMAT RPG 2 Joachim no internal sort is triggered. Ever. If you code the option RPG assumes that you have sorted the array. Period. It will never sort the data. Lookup with The IBM AS400 provides an integrated set of Application Development Tools (ADT) to design, develop and maintain applications.

Search for an occurrence of a character string. If the string contains embedded blanks, apostrophes, or quotation marks, it should be enclosed in quotation marks. See the IBM SEU manual for more information magnetic, optical, chemical, manual, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Tivoli Systems.

The document is not intended for production and is furnished as is without warranty of any kind. All warranties on this document are The index is set equal to one if the search is unsuccessful.

If the index is a named constant, the index value will not change. A search can be made for high, low, high and equal, or low and equal only if a sequence is specified for the array or table in the extension specifications. Subject: Using LOOKUP with an Array Data Structure in SQLRPGLE Today I discovered Array Data Structures and it seemed a perfect fit for the current SQLRPGLE program.

Code looks great, Verifier in RDP likes everything.