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Project Development Highway Design Context Sensitive Solutions Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) is an public involvement approach to planning and designing transportation projects based on active and early partnerships with communities and project stakeholders. The Highway Design Manual, originally issued in July 1972 and March 1973, has been revised over 70 times. Old versions are available through the link to the HDM Revision Log.

Context: Released in January 2006, the award winning Project Development and Design Guide serves as a national model for developing contextsensitive, communityfriendly road and bridge projects. Context Sensitive Solutions FHWA Flexibility in Highway Design FHWA Flexibility in Highway Design ITE Context Sensitive Solutions AASHTO Center for Environmental Excellence Georgia DOT CSD Online Manual ContextSensitive Design (CSD) is a process for achieving design excellence by developing transportation solutions that ContextSensitive Design Online Manual Page i Revision Summary.

Revision Number Revision Date Revision Summary 1. 0 NA NA 2. 0 Reformatted to new standard template. Updated outdated hyperlinks. Divisions Engineering Division Design Design Quality Assurance Context Sensitive Solutions Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) is a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach that involves all stakeholders in providing a transportation facility that fits its setting.

Section 6: Context Sensitive Transportation Design Anchor: # i Context sensitive design at the national level has grown out of what has been learned in the post World War II period during the construction of the interstate highway system and expansion of connected urban freeway systems. This design manual provides Apr 22, 2015 The Highway Design Manual philosophy mirrors the concepts of Context Sensitive Solutions.

This philosophy for the project development process seeks to provide a degree of mobility to users of the transportation system that is in balance with other values.

Design Manual focusing on urban, nonfreeway design dovetails nicely with ODOTs policy on Practical Design and provides appropriate flexibility in urban highway design in relation to land use, context sensitive design Federal Highway Administration 400 7th Street, SW Washington, DC Of ce of Planning, Environment and Planning and Developing Context Sensitive Urban Thoroughfares recommended practice review panel consisting of individuals with an active interest and knowledge of context sensitive design.

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