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May 28, 2012  Best Answer: Writer focused writing deals with the wants and needs of the writer; the writer writes for themselves and tailors the story to their own tastes and needs. They write based on what they feel should happen next or write about things that they want to write about.

Reader focused writing is when the writer focuses on what the reader Oct 05, 2008  Focus groups with veterans indicate how official letters need to be improved. VA top management explain why plain language (readerfocused writing) is so important to customer service.

Research experts explain how Introduction to the ReaderFocused Writing Process Introduction The purpose of this guide is to provide tools that you, as a writer, can use to practice ReaderFocused Writing (RFW). This chapter will provide an overview of the RFW process. Be creative and readerfocused. Don't be afraid to let your enthusiasm for your subject show. The IT Times is not an academic journal or a dry technical manual. Posted in The Writer's Toolbox, Tricks of the Trade, Writing Strategy Tagged audience, Christopher Altman, composition, effective writing, English, flow, Imagine a reader, Imagine and Project a Reader, Onondaga Community College, reader focused writing, readers, Techniques All Good Writers Know, The Writer's Toolbox, transition, Tricks Oct 05, 2008 Department of Veterans Affairs Reader Focused Writing Orientation: Plain Language Letter AVA VNB1 1998 Focus groups with veterans indicate how official letters need to be improved.

Your gift as a writer is to focus on the reader. By the way, Amy Krouse Rosenthals gift in the New York Times drew about 4. 5 million readers, according to her obituary. This readerfocused writing works. Write For You A Reader Focused Writing Primer. By: ALWAYS FOCUS ON YOUR READER When you are writing, and especially when you are writing to sell something, focus on your reader.

They (Usually) dont care about how great your product is, they only care about how great it will be to them. A great testimonial to this fact is a test