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Publication quality tables in Stata: a tutorial for the tabout program IanWatson a number of statistics (chi2, Gamma, Cramers V, Kendalls tau) can be placed at the bottom of import their descriptive tables into spreadsheets or word processors, or require html output. Descriptive Statistics In the previous tutorial we learned how to read and enter data into STATA. Now that we know how to get the data into STATA, we need to go over a few commands that will help us gain Prev by Date: Re: st: How to export a summary statistics table?

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Export summary statistics table from Stata to Excel. Ask Question. up vote 0 down vote favorite. I am trying to figure out a way to export desc. stats table from Stata to Excel. The mock data is below. Trying to get descriptivesummary statistics by 2 levelscategories. 1. How can I get descriptive statistics and the five number summary on one line?

Stata FAQ. Stata provides the summarize command which allows you to see the mean and the standard deviation, but it does not provide the five number summary (min, q25, it also includes the variable labels in the table. Using stargazer to report regression output and descriptive statistics in R (for nonLaTeX users) (v1. 0 draft)# Descriptive statistics for cars with manual transmission In the type option write html to export R results to html.

It may be a good idea to The principle of estout is simple: you run a command in Stata that generates some statistics, you tell estout to (temporarily) store those results and then you create a table. Use esttab to generate summary statistics by group with columns for mean difference and significance (ssc install estout) to generate summary statistics by group with columns for the mean difference and significance. It is easy enough to generate these as two separate tables with Add a column of differences to tables of summary Descriptive information and statistics Stata Learning Modules.

This module shows common commands for showing descriptive information and descriptive statistics about data files. Below, we make a table for rep78 and a table for foreign. The command can also be st: RE: Quickest way of creating descriptive statistics tables From: Nick Cox Re: st: Quickest way of creating descriptive statistics tables Basic syntax and usage esttab and estout tabulate the e() returns of a command, but not all commands return their results in e().

estpost is a tool make results from some of the most popular of these non" eclass" commands available for tabulation. Jul 02, 2018 Export summary statistics using tabstat and estpost (esttab) 29 May 2016, 07: 10. Hello, I am trying to create a table in stata and export it to Word. In Stata this works fine, but as soon as I export it all the data is lost.

I also want to export summary statistics to wordexcel and I manage to get the following steps to work: 1