Roosevelt car seat manual

ranty on the Roosevelt: Merritt warrants to the original purchaser of the Roosevelt that, if properly used strictly in accordance with the instructions and specifications included in the original packaging, it The Roosevelt Car Seat by Merritt Manufacturing can accommodate users 5" taller than the competition!

Your child can be up to 5'2" tall and still use this seat. It offers 5 different shoulder strap heights with the tallest 22" above the seat and seat depths up to 15 34" with extensions. 1 NEW HipCast Seat Wallenberg Roosevelt Churchill Churchill NOW available with Positioning Harness& our Escape Proof products: the Chest Clip Guard& Buckle Guard.

Chamberlain Hope Car Bed Jefferson Apr 25, 2008 Re: Merritt Roosevelt The seat DOES have the velcro hat, though we did not need it for Tyler. There is also a positioning pommel available for kids who need it, and there are seat extenders available for kids who need a deeper seat; I am hoping Tyler lasts long enough in the seat to need one! ! The Roosevelt Car Seat accommodates children weighing up to 115 lbs. or 62" tall, and can be used with either a lap belt or a lap shoulder belt combination, allowing you to use the Roosevelt Car Seat in any forward facing rear vehicle seat.

The Roosevelt is a car seat specially designed for children with special health care needs weighing between 35 and 115 pounds. Roosevelt car seat has weight limit of 35 lbs. to 115 lbs. and height range: 33. 5 62. Padded seat extenders provide optimum seat depth for each leg and the height of seat from bottom to top is 30".

Roosevelt car seat has european style harness routing for abdominal comfort.