Fei tecnai f20 manual

1 Yu Lung CHIU Bham Basic Users Manual for TecnaiF20 TEM NB: This document contains my personal notes on the operating procedure of the Tecnai F20 1 Operating FEI Tecnai 12 and FEI Tecnai F20 Transmission Electron Microscopes Electron Microscopy Core, University of Utah Follow the procedures below when you use the FEI T12 Fei tecnai f20 manual FEI TF20 TEM. No considerable force should be needed for any manual actions on the holder Launch the Tecnai User Interface (TUI) and Tecnai Image Analysis (TIA) or Digital Micrograph (DM) programs.

FEI Instructionsv2 FEI Tecnai F20 STEM The Tecnai F20 system is a field emission 200kV STEM with an XTWIN lens and high brightness field emission electron gun (FEG). This lens allows a 30 degree tilt with a low background double tilt holder, and allows 70 degrees of tilt with the tomography holder, allowing for efficient collection of Xrays for elemental Revised 1 Tecnai T12 Operating Procedures I.

Initial Procedures 1 II. Accelerating Voltage 3 III. Specimen Loading and Holder InsertionRemoval 3 IV. Since the introduction of Tecnai in 1999, Thermo Fisher Scientific has continuously increased capabilities of the Tecnai product family. We can offer to Tecnai FEG users upgrades to the latest available technology. In this presentation we will cover major upgrades for our Tecnai products.

Depending on each individual configuration, a system check needs to be performed to confirm the Operating Procedure for Tecnai G2 STEM (Li Yang, Version 1.

7) operational manual based on the SOP and the details of applications dedicated to Note: The version of the user interface of the Tecnai G2 is. FEI's microscope control software tries to Download the datasheet. Tecnai G2 20 datasheet The complete solution for advanced applications.

The Tecnai G2 20 is a highly advanced, stateoftheart transmission electron microscope with an unrivalled taskoriented user interface. It offers high performance FEI Tecnai G2 F20 Transmission Electron Microscope Users Quick Reference Guide.

Tecnai F20 Quick reference guide March 4, 2013 this manual is intended as a checklist of the procedures to follow in order to operate the microscope safely (for you and for the microscope). The FEI Tecnai G2 F20 fieldemissiongun transmission electron Tecnai on line help Modes 1 Modes12to30A4. doc Software version 2 Tecnai online help manual Modes FEI TECNAI G2 F30 TWIN TEM Training Manual Electron Microscopy Core Facility University of Missouri June 2013