Microtector ii g460 manual

Operation Manual Microtector II G450 4Gas Detector 2GfG Products For Increased Safety Congratulations! You decided for a high technology product of GfG. Press the right key shortly to switch the G460 on. To switch the G460 off, press the right key for approx. 5 seconds. Release the key when the display reads SWITCHOFF 0. Carrying MICROTECTOR II G460 Shortform operation manual GfG Gesellschaft fr Gertebau mbH Klnnestrae 99 Dortmund Phone 49 (0)231 564 000 the instruction manual completely before operating or servicing this device.

The warranties made by GfG with respect to the product are voided if the product is not used and serviced in accordance with the instructions in this manual. Please protect yourself and your employees by following The multigas detector Microtector II G460 has been specifically developed for meeting the requirements of daily work.

It is the lightest and smallest gas detector in its class, easy to use and designed according to ergonomic principles. operation manual microtector ii g460 1 to 7gas detector the g460 is a handheld detector for personal protection from hazards occurring by toxic or explosive gases and vapors and also by a lack of oxygen or oxygen surplus.

the detector measures permanently in diffusion operation manual microtector ii g450 1 to 4gas detector press the right key shortly to switch the g460 on. to switch the g460 off, press the right key for approx.

5 seconds. release the key when the display reads switchoff 0. during charging the standard detection mode is automatically switched off The Microtector II G460 is the worlds smallest 7gas detector with. the following key features: With five sensor positions, the G460 offers more than previously possible in an manual instrument calibration.

A smart charger Microtector II G460 4, 5 or 6Gasdetector Worldwide supplier of gas detection solutions Small, economic, reliable CO 2, O 2, combustible gases and a wide range of toxic gases Infrared detection principle for CO 2 Large graphic display with colour change during alarm 103 dB loud buzzer.