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Shop metal deck accessories from Western Metal Deck. Find angle, edgeform, punches, cell closures and more. Buy today. Cell Closure. Cell closure will close off the open ends of metal floor deck. This will prevent concrete spilling through ends of the metal deck.

Available in 20 Gauge, Galvanized. Vicwests steel metal deck panels provide excellent lateral diaphragm action thus reducing the necessity for structural bracing. Their incombustible nature assures architects, engineers and owners of excellent fire ratings. Design Manual and Catalog of Steel Deck Products formedmetal accessories. Over a 40 year period, United Steel Deck, Inc. grew into and the SDI Manual of Construction with Steel Deck.

Cutting openings through the deck less than 25 square feet in area, and all skew cutting, shall be performed in the field. Arc puddle welds shall be Pour stop is formed angle steel that creates a stopping point for poured concrete. Available for same dame day pickup& next day delivery. SDI MANUAL OF CONSTRUCTION WITH STEEL DECK SDI MANUAL OF CONSTRUCTION WITH STEEL DECK MOC2 2006 2 2 manual is not intended to define specific duties or responsibilities of often prevent a tight metaltometal fit if panel ends overlap.

The The deck is available with a galvanized coating according to the standard ASTM A 653M with zinc thickness corresponding to Z275 (G90) or ZF75 (A25). Upon agreement with our sales department, it is also possible to obtain steel deck with Canam Steel Deck Catalogue (Canada) Transport, store, and erect metal deck and its accessories in a manner that will prevent corrosion, deformation, or other damage.

Store deck clear of the ground with one end elevated to promote drainage; protect metal deck from water and the elements with a water resistant material. Manuals and Handbooks [Digital PDF Steel Deck on ColdFormed Steel Framing Design Manual No. SDCFSFDM The following updates to our Roof Deck Design Manual, First Edition, No.

RDDM are now available: Errata 1 to Roof Deck Design Manual, First Edition Construction Details for Roof Decks; Roof Deck Accessories.

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