Moment of inertia lab manual

In this lab, you will determine the experimental moments of inertia for a solid disk and a ring by applying a torque to rotate the object under investigation. This will be accomplished by placing the Moment of inertia is dened simply as an objects resistance to change in angular mo mentum.

It is the rotational analog to mass or inertia in translational motion. What is Moment of Inertia? Explain using words only. (20 pts) 2. Draw two force diagrams. above. (20 pts) One for the mass hanging from the sting, and a second for the disk as viewed from 3. The rotational apparatus pictured below begins at rest. Upon release, the hanging mass falls 75cm in 10 seconds. LabManual.

pdf Created Date: Where it is necessary to start rotating machinery quickly the moment of inertia must be as small as possible to pem1it fast acceleration with the maximum value of torque. inertia I0. PART 2: Moment of Inertia of apparatus with additional masses. 12. Measure the distance from the center of the disk to the outer set of tapped holes (Where you will attach the three large masses).

13. Attach the three masses to the disk. Using the mass stamped on the topside of the masses, calculate the new moment of inertia, I new, for the system. 14. It is hoped that the Lab Manual with all these features will prove very useful in enhancing The radius of gyration and the moment of inertia of the bar about an axis. Page No. 2429 Experiment No. 4: To find the moment of inertia of a flywheel about its axis of rotation.

Moment of Inertia& Rotational Energy Physics Lab IX. Objective. In this lab, the physical nature of the moment of inertia and the conservation law of mechanical M4. 1 Lab M4: The Torsional Pendulum and Moment of Inertia Introduction A torsional pendulum, or torsional oscillator, consists of a disklike mass suspended from a thin rod or wire.

contents 1. introduction 2 2. format for formal lab reports 3 3. lab report guidelines 4 4. centroids and moments of inertia 5 i. notes centroids and moments of inertia 6 1201 LAB MANUAL TABLE OF CONTENTS WARNING: The Pasco carts& track components have strong magnets Problem# 4: Moment of Inertia of a Complex System 109.

Problem# 5: Moments of Inertia about Different Axes 113. Bring this lab manual. Moment of Inertia Mount the masses on the rod and measure the time it takes the mass M to fall to the floor for 4 different positions of the mass es along the rod.

Chapter 8 Rotational Motion 8. 1 Purpose In this experiment, rotationalmotion will be examined. Angular kinematic variables, angular momentum, Newtons 2nd law for rotational motion, torque, and moments of inertia will be explored. For moments of inertia of different symmetrical solids see this list. In this experiment you will use a disk of nearly uniform mass and apply a torque by adding weight to a string attached to a step pulley at the center of the disk.

See Fig. 1. Using your results, you will determine the moment of inertia of the disk.